virtualAIB can simulate the full cycle of Aircraft Development prior to Delivery of a brand new Aircraft to your Virtual Airline. Here is how it works:

Virtual Production List

As a Virtual Airline, you can order your Airbus Aircraft. It doesn't matter what Flight Simulation or Virtual World your Airline is located in. Once you have contacted virtualAIB with your order, we will can add your order to the Virtual Production List.

Flight Testing

virtualAIB will simulate the Assembly of each Aircraft in the virtual Production List, all the way to Flight Testing. All virtualAIB Flight Tests could be performed on any Flight Simulator, such as Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator or even on Mobile's Infinite Flight. This includes Ground Check before the First Flight. Each Test flight will be recorded, including Date & Time for your Virtual Airline to see Progress.

Pickup for Delivery

After all Flight tests have concluded and your Virtual Airline is happy with the Aircraft, you can send a pilot over to pick up the Aircraft on its Delivery Flight. How you do that and in which Flight Simulator or Virtual World is up to you but it should depart from the Airport where the Aircraft was assembled.

Aircraft Maintenance/Post Support

Send your Airbus Aircraft over to any of the virtualAIB FAL sites and we will perform Aircraft Maintenance on it, such as ferry to Paint Shop, Cabin Configuration and additional Flight testing. Its up to your Virtual Airline how much you maintenance you want to simulate.

Virtual Airline Aircraft Order Backlog

You can view the Virtual Airline Aircraft Order backlog here.

When talking about "placing an order" its meant for your Virtual Airline to order additional Airbus's into your fleet. No real money is involved.

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Thank you to SimBrief for the Flight Planning capability.