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virtualAIB is a 'virtual Airline' that simulates real-life Airbus and Airbus Beluga Flight Activity on Flight Simulation via the online VATSIM network. Its totally up to you which Airbus Aircraft you choose and where you want to fly.

How to get Started

When flying on the VATSIM network use any callsign starting with AIB (Airbus), BGA (Airbus Beluga) or BBA5 (A220 Test Flight). That's it! Your Flight will automatically show up on the LIVE map below. As an added bonus: if you have a AIB Family Flights account, enter your VATSIM ID in your Account Settings. Your Flight position on the map below will show a special darker icon showing you as a member of this Project.

If you have never flown on VATSIM before, click here to learn how you can sign up. You will need to learn how to properly fly with Air Traffic Control language to fly on VATSIM.

virtualAIB on Social Media

Follow @virtualAIB on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to be informed on special Flight-ins and other VATSIM related events you can participate on. Additionaly, there is also Twitch Live streaming going on at times. You can also join the AIB Family Flights Discord and talk about not only Airbus but Aviation in general. There is a dedicated category for Flight Simulation as well as a #virtual-aib channel.

This section of the site contains content about Flight Simulation and any information displayed here should not be used in real-life Aviation.