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Custom Alerts & Alert Feed

You can add any Aircraft or entire Airline Fleet to your Alerts and get notified whenever there are any activity changes. You have full control on how and when you want the Alerts to be send out. You will also get a custom page that lists all Flight Activity of only Aircrafts that are on your Alert List.

Submit Changes/Additions

For each Aircraft that hasn't been Delivered yet, you can submit Changes/Additions for review.

Exclude Beluga & Charter Flights

When you sign-up for an account you can personalize your own settings to the Project, such as excluding the Airbus Beluga & Charter Flights on many of the pages and the main Statistic Page.

Mobile/Tablet Ready

All features on this site are responsive and work on both mobile and tablets. Just load the site in your favorite mobile web browser and your all set to go!

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