Support the Project

Your generosity will help the Project move forward

This Project started from converting a spreadsheet into a Database. Today, its a lot more complex. I do all the work myself on this Project. I develop new features on the website, update all the content manually every day and I work hard to build relationships with the aviation community and figure out ways to work together. I even build my own tools to make things easier for me or for the community.

What I appreciate the most is that you guys me help along the way. If you find any errors, you let me know. We continue work together with openness and transparency. That is what I think makes this Project unique. I may not have all the answers all the time, but I try my best.

If you have been with me on this journey since the beginning, I have said that the Project will always be FREE. Supporting this Project is completely optional, and you can contribute as many times as you want. Any amount you do decide to contribute will help move this Project further. It will cover the cost of the server, the development resources and will allow for new possibilities.

But there are other ways to support...

Aircraft Photos

The Project has been built around using the Flickr API. I know Flickr made some changes recently and not everybody agrees with them. However, I'm going to continue to support the Flickr Community. In particular, I'm looking for Aviation Photography from Tianjin, China and Mobile, United States (Alabama). If you know anybody who is interested in contributing, let me know. Oh, and if you think there is a better, more accurate and complete Aviation Photography website with an API, also let me know.

ADS-B Coverage

I have been working on a feature that allows users to see LIVE Flight Data. I have choosen to work with the Opensky Network API. ADS-B coverage is quite low in the Tianjin, China and Mobile, United States (Alabama) area. If you have a ADS-B receiver in that area and have been contributing to other Flight Tracking websites, you are more than welcome to contribute and improve Coverage. Your contribution might help this Project with the upcoming feature currently under development. Disclaimer: I do not have any relationship with the Opensky Network.

Thank you for all your feedback, support and generosity!