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If you are looking to feed your Application with Flight Activity Data from this Project there are numerous ways to do so. A small donation is recommended when asking for access to the services below to cover the resources being used by your Application, but not required.

As part of my commitment when asking for permission of the Photos to the Aviation Community, none of the Aircraft photos will be available on any of the below services. Its purely just Flight Activity Data.

Flight Activity History

I can provide a one-time CSV (comma separated values) file with data of any Flight Activity. All you need to do is to let us me know what your search Criteria is. Whether its by Aircraft Registration, Callsign, Hexcode, Airline etc. you will get a list of all available Data fields (whatever fields you see on the website itself). The CSV file can easily be imported in Applications such as Microsoft Excel.


If you'd rather query the Data on your own terms, I can give you access to a RESTful API so that you can feed Flight Activity data as soon as they get published on the Project in your own Application. The data will be presented in JSON format, which allows you to easily manipulate the data in any Programming Language of your choosing. You will need to register for a Account so that API access can be enabled. Once its enabled you will get access to all the Documentation of all available functions, fields returned and error messages.